A Plant-Based Guide to Breckenridge, CO

Happy 2018!!!

Over the new year, I traveled with my fiancé’s family to Breckenridge for a family ski trip. I had already prepared myself for the food options, as I figured there were going to be very few restaurants in the area that had plant-based options… but I thought wrong! I was pleasantly surprised when I googled “vegan pizza breckenridge” (obviously) around 8:30 at night and found out that there was a COMPLETELY VEGAN PIZZERIA 0.4 MILES AWAY AND IT WAS OPEN! I immediately freaked out and got my fiancé and his brother to make the freezing trek over. From there we asked the waitress about more vegan options and found out that there were plenty of restaurants, one being 70 steps (yes I counted) from our rental home. The trip would have been so much fun anyway, but having some hearty plant-based food made it even better. I hope this is helpful to any skiers or boarders looking to find plant-based options on and off the mountain.

Piante Pizzeria

THIS is the pizzeria that was a game changer. They had an amazing menu, the best kale caesar salad I’ve ever had (non-vegan caesar salads included) and AMAZING homemade cashew cheese. They even have cashew parmesan at each table. I got the white pizza with gluten-free crust (which was also delicious and well-made). The white pizza had organic cashew mozzarella, house-made organic cashew ricotta, garlic, shiitake mushroom bacon, arugula, and then I added artichokes. This is the kind of place you can take your non-vegan friends to enjoy some vegan comfort food.

Amazing Grace Natural Eatery

This was the place that was literally across the street from us (I counted 70 steps door-to-door). It’s not primarily vegan but a majority of the entrees on their menu can be made vegan. They also regularly have vegan muffins! We only ever had breakfast here, but their breakfast menu was on point. I tried the Breakfast Burrito the first time, made it into a bowl and subbed spicy tofu for the eggs. It also had black beans, spicy sweet potatoes, spinach & salsa. I also tried their blueberry oatmeal, granola + soy milk, and their breakfast tacos (made vegan with spicy tofu). You definitely have to check this place out at least once while you’re in Breck. (Plus they have great organic & fair trade coffee!)

Clint’s Bakery

This was one of the recommendations that the waitress from Piante recommended. It ended up being so much more than I expected! They regularly had gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies (I say regularly because I got them 3 different times..) and really great coffee. They also have fun lattes like matcha and turmeric, which was great! They have breakfast and lunch but we never were able to try it. OH and they also have ice cream!! They only one vegan sorbet- but honestly I’ll count it as a win.

LoLo’s Juice

We saw LoLo’s from Piante. I went here one day while on a walk with one of my fiancés cousins but forgot to snap a picture. They have tons of juices, smoothie bowls, juice shots, and energy balls. I had a turmeric shot and it was great for a long, tiring day on the mountain. I really wanted to try a smoothie bowl but I had just eaten lunch (and plus it was 25º outside). They have a seasonal menu that also includes sandwiches and wraps. I wish I could have gone here once more to try something else, but was pleased that Breck had a fresh smoothie/juice bar!

Inside Breckenridge

 Summit Soba Bowl at the Overlook on Peak 9 Summit Soba Bowl at the Overlook on Peak 9

I was 100% not expecting to find anything on the mountain, and was shocked when I actually found a hearty meal! On all of their menus they actually had a “GF” or “V” logo, which made it easier to find something. They usually only had 1 or 2 options, but I was happy to even find anything! Plus plant-based ramen hit the SPOT after a morning on the slopes.

Peak 7

  • Pioneer Crossing: Pickled beet salad (no cheese)

  • Sevens: muesli + blueberries for breakfast, black bean veggie burger lunch/dinner

Peak 8

  • Vista Haus: curried lentil soup, southwest vegan chili, black bean burger (and they have a GF bun!)

  • Ski Hill Grill: their online menu says they have a ‘vegetarian soup of the day’ but not sure how much I trust it! I would recommend trying somewhere else just in case.

  • T-Bar: nothing

Peak 9

  • The Overlook: southwest vegan chili, soba noodle bowl (see picture)

  • Ten-Mile Station: southwest vegan chili, black bean burger, sweet potato tots

Other restaurants with plant-based options in Breck:

  • Mom’s Baking Co (they have almond, coconut, and soy milk for coffee substitutions! May possibly have vegan baked goods)

  • Cuppa Joe (a coffee shop with other food options too! Looks like they have a vegan tofu burrito, smoothie/granola bowls, coffee, and other baked goods on their menu!)

  • Fatty’s (I was surprised to find they had a few options. You can make any burger with a black bean burger! They also have gluten-free crust, though you’d just have to do the pizza without the cheese).

  • Pho Real (was dying to go here but never got to go. I heard they have amazing pho, and from their menu it looks like they have vegan broth, tofu, and mushroom options!)

  • Bangkok Happy Bowl (plenty of tofu-based options and even a ‘Vegan Lover’ menu! Their curry looks delicious)

  • Cool River Coffee House (their menu shows plenty of hearty options and even smoothie bowls)

  • Hearthstone (a bit of a fancier restaurant, but they have an entire gluten-free menu and a few really good-looking vegan options!)

  • Blue Stag (was reluctant to go here but ended up having their superfoods salad and it was delicious! Plus they had grilled portobello mushroom as an option for protein and it was really good! Their sweet potato fries were amazing too)

  • Mi Casa Mexican (entire gluten-free menu available. Delicious-sounding vegetable “verdura” fajitas with zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red pepper, mushroom, and garlic-ancho chile sear. They also have sweet potato tacos!)

  • Soupz On (a bunch of soups.. but they have a few different vegan options! They also have a few vegan salads)