A Plant-Based Guide to Norman, OK

      I’ve lived in Norman since the summer of 2007, after I moved from Tulsa. It is such a fun town (it’s said to be “the biggest small town you’ll ever find” by many locals). Since the University of Oklahoma is located in Norman, there’s a huge population of individuals aged 18-24. Fortunately, plant-based, gluten-free, organic, and health food is heavily driven by this demographic, which increases the need in Norman! While there were very limited choices when I moved here in 2007, the growth of plant-based options in my home town is very exciting to say the least. Other fun parts of Norman include the downtown strip which has many restaurants and neat local shops.

     For World Vegan Day, I took over the University of Oklahoma’s Instagram account and made a special smoothie bowl for my alma mater. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the Boomer Bowl and give it a try! Whether you’re a student, an alum, or a Norman visitor, I hope this guide is helpful to locate plant-based meals on Campus Corner and the rest of Norman.

Campus Corner

Coriander Cafe

 Pho with lemongrass tofu Pho with lemongrass tofu

Coriander is hands down my favorite restaurant on Campus Corner (and maybe even Norman!) They are extremely vegan and gluten friendly and even have an easy-to-read allergen menu that can help you choose a plant-based (and in my case, gluten-free) meal. My FAVORITE entree is their pho with lemongrass tofu. All of their pho is made with veggie broth and gluten-free rice noodles, which is uncommon and amazing if you’re a vegan pho connoisseur. Other items to note are the lettuce wraps with lemongrass tofu, the tofu noodle bowl, and veggie or tofu spring rolls. Their salt and pepper tofu can be made vegan, but is not gluten-free. If you’re on campus corner, you HAVE to give Coriander a try.

Crimson & Whipped Cream

Crimson is a bakery and coffee shop that is very vegan friendly. They have almond and soy milk available to swap for dairy milk to make any drink vegan. They have vegan chocolate chip cookies to DIE for (better than the originals) and usually have another vegan-friendly bakery item. Today they had vegan banana nut bread and vegan brownies!

T.E.A. Cafe

TEA Caf has tons of entrees that can be made vegan upon request. This includes fried rice, stir fry rice noodles, and Singapore rice noodles which can be made with tofu or veggies (be sure to ask for no eggs!) They have a wonderful Three Spice Tofu entree, which is one of my very favorites. Their boba tea is dairy-free (even the “milk” teas are made with dairy-free powders).

Other restaurants with plant-based options on Campus Corner or campus area:

  • Second wind Coffee (swap out almond, coconut, or soy milk for dairy milk to make any coffee vegan! Payment by donation!)

  • Pepe Delgados (has an entire portion of their menu labeled as “Vegetariano”. Just be sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream)

  • Volare (has vegan pizza!! and great looking salads if you take off the cheese. Also have a veggie panini that can be made gluten-free. Make sure to omit cheese. Any pizza can be made GF by request)

  • Which Wich (vegetarian sandwich bag available with great vegan black bean patty! You can also make it a lettuce wrap to continue the veggie goodness)

  • The Mont (they have a SECRET black bean burrito that is not on the menu. Make sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream)

  • Thai Delight (many veggie rolls, edamame, and tofu-based entrees and appetizers. Very vegan friendly)

  • Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (great veggie tacos! Ask for no cheese or garlic sauce as these both have dairy. They have some of the best salsa and great guac! It’s a great game-day grab)

  • Diamond Dawgs (actually has a veggie dog!)

  • Midway Deli (has a great veggie sandwich. They have gluten-free bread but it has eggs (it’s Udi’s), but they will make it on your own bread if you bring it!)

  • Chipotle (try the sofritas! My favorite is a burrito bowl with brown rice, sofritas, black beans, pinto beans, fajita veggies, green salsa, and guac)

  • Baked Bear (actually has vegan ice cream! Sadly they do not have vegan cookies)

  • Pho Winner (many vegan options and vegan pho)

  • Tatsumaki (vegan ramen and an entire vegan menu)

Rest of Norman

(aka not campus corner)

The Earth Cafe & Deli

 Tempeh tacos with vegan cheese and a side of carrots Tempeh tacos with vegan cheese and a side of carrots

 Banana Kale smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein Banana Kale smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein

The Earth is hands down the best place to go if you are plant-based or have dietary restrictions. Their menu is laden with plant-based options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of my favorite entrees include the tempeh tacos and breakfast tacos (ask for vegan cheese), the moonmaiden grilled cheese (with vegan cheese and gluten-free bread), the southwest salad (with vegan cheese), and any of their smoothies made with almond milk! They use only whole foods in their smoothies and have hemp protein and other superfoods (like spirulina) that can be added to boost smoothies.

Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

Scratch has some great options on their menu for plant-based vegans. They have a great quinoa sweet potato veggie burger made from scratch (you probably could have guessed from the restaurant’s name). They also have a Quinoa & Veggie entree.

Norman Farmer’s Market

The Norman Farmer’s Market comes around the 1st Saturday in April and ends its season the last Tuesday / Saturday of October. They have great options to buy local and organic produce. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Gray Owl Coffee

Gray Owl has some of the best coffees and tea in town. You can sub almond or soy milk for dairy milk in any drink. They almost always have vegan bakery items. Such a neat environment with great music. You will definitely run into the artsy side of Norman here.

Other restaurants with plant-based options not on campus corner:

  • Benvenuti’s (are very happy to accomodate a vegan diet! Ask your server for options)

  • McNellies (haven’t tried it but heard they have a great black bean plantain burger!)

  • O Asian Fusion (delish veggie rolls, edamame, and miso soup. My favorite veggie roll is the Heavenly Veggie Roll) See the menu here

  • Sergio’s Italian Bistro (vegan pizza!! Also have an entire vegetable plate on their menu)

  • Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine (AMAZING yellow curry. Both vegan and gluten free. The rest of the curries are not vegan)

  • 180 Meridian (great veggie rolls. you can also sub tofu for any entree to make it vegan. be sure to ask for no eggs)

  • Taste of India (Indian restaurant with many options to make vegan!)

  • Tarahumara’s (this was a tricky one! They have one solid vegan option- the veggie fajitas (SO GOOD BTW) with no cheese or sour cream. Avocado sauce is dairy-free)

  • Full Moon Sushi (really good veggie rolls and complimentary edamame)

  • Misal (an Indian restaurant with an entire veggie menu)

  • Thai Thai (can may any dish vegan upon request)

  • Torchy’s Tacos (can make vegan tacos upon request and have salads, too! check Norman menu here)

  • Zoe’s Kitchen (vegan lentil soup, great hummus, vegan veggie kabobs, and many bowls could be made vegan if no cheese or sauce)

  • Chuy’s (veggie enchiladas without cheese and vegetarian combo without cheese. Ask for refried beans without lard)

Last updated 02-14-2018