A Plant-Based Guide to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has been rapidly expanding the past few years, as have the plant-based options! More and more restaurants are offering vegetarian or vegan-friendly meals and even full menus. Excitingly, there are a few restaurants that are entirely plant-based, which is truly the best feeling when you know you can order anything off the menu. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is also increasing with the help of local farmer’s markets and restaurants putting in an effort to source locally to support Oklahoma farmers. It’s an exciting time in Oklahoma to be plant-based, let me tell ya that! We still have a long way to go, but we are off to a great start.

P.S. If you are looking for local plant-based support and group meet-ups, get connected to Facebook groups: Red Earth Vegans of Central Oklahoma or Vegan OKC.

Wheeze the Juice

Wheeze is at the top of my list because (1) smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juices are my JAM (2) because they have the neatest environment and are stationed in an old shipping container (3) because the staff is for real the best. You can read my article about them in Edible OKC Magazine for more. Here you can find locally-sourced and mostly organic fruits and veggies artfully crafted into unique smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, juice shots, and energy balls. They also have 1 and 3 day juice cleanses which are a must-try!

The Loaded Bowl

The Loaded Bowl started out as a food truck and has evolved into a brick-and-mortar restaurant within the past year. Their motto is ‘conscious comfort food’ and are a completely plant-based restaurant (and also have many gluten-free options). You can check out an article I wrote about them for Beloved Magazine here. This restaurant is a 100% MUST. They are known for their famous cashew mac and cheese, but also be sure to check out their layered enchiladas and sesame rice bowl. OH and their desserts are to DIE FOR. Be sure to come hungry- a “regular” size alone can last two meals- and the LOADED size can keep you full for dayyyzzzz.

Nourished Food Co.

Nourished is an easy fave for me. They are a completely plant-based, gluten-free food bar in downtown OKC. It’s run by a husband and wife who are some of the sweetest people! All of their food is unique, delicious, and refreshing. Their kale salad is one of my staples, although their sandwiches are also unbelievable. Also take note of their kale chips, homemade vegan cheese, homemade gluten-free bread, and the golden milk smoothie. Honestly just take note of the whole menu!!

The Red Cup

The Red Cup is a vegan hotspot. It’s a great coffee shop and restaurant all in one. They have great coffee and even better vegan burgers. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, but can be made vegan if you ask for it! This place has been around since ’95 and is a great gathering place for all. Read Edible OKC’s article about The Red Cup here.

Elemental Coffee

Elemental Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in OKC. They are their own roasterie and brew shop in Midtown. They not only have amazing coffee but they also have delicious baked goodies (they ALWAYS have a vegan and gluten-free options) and their entire menu (weekday breakfast, weekday lunch, and weekend brunch) can ALL be made vegan!

Provision Kitchen

Provision Kitchen is a local farm-to-table restaurant in Nichols Hills, essentially just north of Oklahoma City. They have their own farm just outside of OKC called the ‘Provision Farm’ which sources a majority of their produce. They even have a neat little sign above their cold and hot bars that tells where each of their ingredients was sourced. It’s all seasonal, local, and organic! Their menu is changing constantly and seasonal so you are sure to get something delicious and different every time you come. They also have a refrigerated to-go section where you can grab a single serving to heat up later. It’s essentially the healthy version of fast food! If you’re in north OKC, you definitely need to check this place out (and then also hit up the Trader Joe’s right next door!)

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

Roxy’s is a local ice cream shop in the Plaza District. They source all kinds of ice creams and sorbets but ALWAYS have a few choices of vegan ice cream. Two of my classic favorites are German chocolate and cake batter, but when Bananas Foster and Lemon Poppyseed roll around I can hardly control myself. 12/10 would recommend.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Urban Agrarian; Farmer’s Market District (local food market with fresh and delicious produce and other local items)

  • Goro Ramen; Plaza District (have a great vegan ramen, the ‘yasai’ that can be made gf too)

  • The Wedge Pizzeria; Paseo District (great gf/vegan pizza topped with their homemade vegan cheese. They actually have an entire vegan menu if you ask for it when you are seated!)

  • Stone Sisters Pizza Bar (DELICIOUS vegan pizza. They have an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegan pizza. GF crust is also delicious. Also have vegan chili)

  • Holey Rollers (some of the BEST vegan donuts you will ever find. They are currently just a food truck but are in the process of becoming brick-and-mortar)

  • Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian food. A STAPLE for OKC vegans – tons of vegan choices)

  • Picasso Cafe; Paseo District (tons of vegan options and a neat environment)

  • Okay Yeah Co. (have an amazing smoothie bowl made with macadamia milk. They occasionally have vegan tarts as well, and have almond, coconut, and macadamia milk to sub in coffee!)

  • Cultivar Mexican Kitchen (not a vegan restaurant but very easy to find vegan options. Great burrito bowls with mushrooms as a protein option and great guac and salsa)

  • VII Asian Bistro (lots of veggie options with phenomenal vegan pho!)

  • Pho Ca Dao; Asian District (vegan-friendly pho, one of the only ones in OKC that will use veggie broth)

  • The Pritchard Wine Bar; Plaza District (tons of veggies and they are open to adapting their entrees to be veggie friendly. Great veggie appetizer. Their homemade pickles and roasted veggies are to die for!)

  • The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen (they can make any of their pizzas vegan – my fave is the Matt with artichokes and caramelized onions and peppers – and they also have gluten-free crust, one of the best I’ve ever tried!)

  • The Press OKC; Plaza District (new restaurant in OKC- never tried but heard they have a great veggie burger. They also have a greens & beans bowl for both lunch and dinner and a vegan dumpling soup for dinner!)

  • The Jones Assembly: has a small section of their menu entitled “Vegan”. You can have any pizza made vegan with cashew cheese. They also have avocado toast, Boston greens, or Cacio E Pepe with Cashew Cheese. Dairy-free sorbets too!

  • The Drake; Uptown 23rd (I’ve never been but have heard they have good roasted veggies and are great about making delicious vegan meals when you ask!)

  • Aurora; Plaza District (such a neat breakfast bar with great coffee, delish overnight oats, bruleed grapefruit, a lentil hummus bowl, veggie burger, and avo toast!!)

  • Guyutes; Uptown 23rd (never been but had a friend tell me they have a great vegan entree- “The Lot V”, but after looking at their online menu they have gluten free pizzas and tortillas and falafel as a protein option on all of their items, Their salads look delish!)

  • Green Goodies; Classen Curve (vegan cupcakes and other sweets! gf options available but are not vegan)

  • Packard’s New American Kitchen; Automobile Alley (many options that can be made vegan, but by far the best vegan dish is the lentil curry at dinner and the vegan tofu scramble at brunch!) MENU

  • Revolución Taqueria & Cantina (two great vegan tacos on the menu: the ‘Cauliflower al Pastor’ with cauliflower, pineapple, radish, cilantro and onion, and the ‘Vegetales’ with cumin roasted carrots, toasted almonds, cilantro, and onion. Other vegan options upon request).

  • Gopuram Taste of India (great Indian food with an entire ‘vegetarian’ portion of the menu)

  • The Mule (salads and many other sandwiches can be made vegan upon request. The best vegan-friendly sandwich is the ‘Herbivore’ with cashew cheese, roasted beets, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, pesto, avocado, grilled jalapeños, grilled onions, and chipotle aioli. Make sure to tell them you want it vegan. Gluten-free bread available upon request)

  • The Melting Pot: as of January 2018 they are serving vegan cheese and chocolate fondue!! They also have other vegan menu items on the menu– like ginger teriyaki tofu!!

THERE ARE MORE! I just haven’t been there and experienced it for myself yet 🙂 I will continue to change, add, and update this list as I explore. For more, click to access the Vegan OKC Dining Guide– prepared and shared by OKC vegans hoping to spread the word of growing plant-based options in OKC!

Last updated 01/11/2018