A Plant-Based Guide to Houston, TX

 Skyline of HTX | photo cred: @kateclark__

Skyline of HTX | photo cred: @kateclark__

Houston has become a city I have grown to love. One of my very best friends, Kate, lives in HTX and I try to visit any time our schedules/wallets allow. A bonus part of our friendship is that she is also a lover of fruits & veggies, so we try out new healthy restaurants all the time. This time we made it our mission to discover the plant-based options that HTX has to offer, and I was very impressed!! We found some delicious restaurants that offer amazing plant-based options that were somewhat tucked away (and got our friends Kyleigh and Carli to join too!). We got to try a great handful of restaurants this time, but I'm excited to come back and try the many more that are on the list! 


Also check out these facebook groups: Houston Vegans & Vegan Houston.

Green Seed Vegan

 The Mega Salad: microgreens with cauliflower, carrots, cilantro, tomato, red onion, sprouted red quinoa, spirulina bits & tarragon vinaigrette

The Mega Salad:
microgreens with cauliflower, carrots, cilantro, tomato, red onion, sprouted red quinoa, spirulina bits & tarragon vinaigrette

 Salad + Sweet Potato Dill Fries

Salad + Sweet Potato Dill Fries

 The Sweet Porta Wrap (on a rice tortilla (grilled portabella mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spinach over sunflower pesto)

The Sweet Porta Wrap (on a rice tortilla (grilled portabella mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spinach over sunflower pesto)

Green Seed is one of the only restaurants in Houston that I found that was completely plant-based, and primarily raw! Almost everything on the menu could be made gluten free. Their menu had wraps and sandwiches, salads, veggie burgers, and smoothies/juices. It looks a bit run down on the outside but is really cute and fresh on the inside. We had an amazing micro green salad, a brown rice wrap with portobello mushrooms and sweet potatoes, dill dusted sweet potato fries, and a gf/vegan brownie! This is definitely a must-try in HTX. 

Local Foods

 The Vegan Caesar (baby kale and romaine, tomato, pickled red onion, sweet potato, sweet & spicy walnuts, vegan cheese, & cashew 'caesar' dressing 

The Vegan Caesar (baby kale and romaine, tomato, pickled red onion, sweet potato, sweet & spicy walnuts, vegan cheese, & cashew 'caesar' dressing 

 Local Foods x Pat Greer's Ruby Grapefruit Kombucha

Local Foods x Pat Greer's Ruby Grapefruit Kombucha

Local Foods was hands down my favorite place we went in Houston. It’s not a plant-based restaurant but they have plenty of plant-based options on their menu, including a vegan kale caesar salad topped with homemade vegan cheese! I also tried some delicious Ruby Grapefruit Kombucha as a collaboration between Pat Greer’s Kitchen and Local Foods. I had a taste of my friend Kate’s Harvest Salad and it was a winner too. This is a great place to go with vegan-curious or omnivorous friends.

Old Saigon

 Veggie & Tofu Pho with added artichokes

Veggie & Tofu Pho with added artichokes

Some of the best pho I’ve ever had! Old Saigon had plenty of veggie options and veggie broth. They had artichoke pho, which was the first time I had ever heard of it, but now I’m wondering why others don’t offer it!! I got the tofu & veggies pho with artichokes and practically slurped it all down. The edamame was delicious and their tofu spring rolls (though I didn’t try any) looked delish. 


Juice Well

JuiceWell is a great smoothie/smoothie bowl restaurant. You can customize your own bowl and add any topping/ingredient you want or order from the menu. It reminded me of a Which Wich for açaí bowls. This has been one of my favorite places in Houston so far! Plus they have a great outside patio that is really fun when the weather is nice. 

 DIY açaí / pitaya bowls! 

DIY açaí / pitaya bowls! 

Daily Juice

Daily Juice is another great local smoothie/juice/acai bowl joint. Everything on the menu is dairy-free and gluten-free, which made it extremely easy to order! Kate and I both got the Half Moon and made it into a bowl with gluten-free granola and berries. Wish I could have tried a few others! 


 Oh Kale Yeah! salad with blackened tofu and portabella mushroom tacos

Oh Kale Yeah! salad with blackened tofu and portabella mushroom tacos

Formerly RugglesGreen, BellaGreen is an upper-scale restaurant has plenty of veggie options. I had the Oh Kale Yeah! salad with blackened tofu and it was possibly one of my favorite salads I’ve ever had! This is a great place for a nicer dinner and a glass of wine. You will have plenty of options to choose from on their menu

MOD Pizza

 DIY pizza with gluten-free crust, dairy-free cheese, and tons & tons of veggies

DIY pizza with gluten-free crust, dairy-free cheese, and tons & tons of veggies

MOD is a fun, quick pizza restaurant with gluten-free and dairy-free options on their menu. Their dairy-free cheese was actually really great, I didn’t recognize the taste so I know it wasn’t Daiya. They have plenty of veggies to load on your pizza, so Kate and I made our own and split and piled on the toppings. They also had a pizza salad which seemed interesting- like a salad on top of a pizza crust. This is a great restaurant to bring your non-vegan friends so that everyone can get something delicious. 

Harvest Organic Grille


Harvest is really delicious health food with a brunch bar & extensive menu. They have tons of great options and a many vegan-friendly entrees. It was fun to sit out on their patio and enjoy a salad and green juice. A great restaurant for families. 

AaOther noteworthy restaurants I didn't get to try:

    • Garden Kitchen (a health-conscious eatery with plant-based & raw food inside the Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center. Headed by Dr. Baxter Montgomery- an amazing & inspirational plant-based cardiologist)
    • Pepper Tree (I was sad I didn’t get to try out this restaurant because I have heard they have a killer dinner buffet with an insane amount of delicious vegan options. This is next on my list!) 
    • Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine (Right next to a beautiful Indian Temple! They have a great rotation of vegan buffet items and have everything marked vegan/gluten-free on the menu, which was really helpful! They are completely vegan on Wednesdays and Sundays. Would love to make it over next time)
    • Awesome Bites Co. (Houston first allergy friendly, health conscious bakery. Everything on the menu is dairy, egg, soy and nut free, vegan and plant based. Also find unusual treats like their one-of-a-kind muffins only sweetened with fruits and vegetables and gluten free brownies and blondies that are bean based!)
    • Loving Hut (I was surprised to find Loving Hut in Houston, I first found it in Westfield Mall in San Francisco. It’s a completely vegan asian fast-food, almost like Panda Express but healthy. I loved it when I had it in SF, so I’m assuming the Houston location is great as well!) 
    • Cafe TH (a vietnamese restaurant that has an entire vegan portion of their menu that features curry, stir fried tofu and pho which are gluten-free)
    • Doshi House (coffee shop that also has a small lunch at 11 and dinner after 5pm.. and everything is vegan! They also have great-looking smoothies and tonics.)
    • Field of Greens (tons and tons and tons of vegan options on their menu! They essentially have everything)
    • Quan Yin (a completely vegan restaurant that has an extensive menu! They have a ton of vegan 'meats' that have an amazing reputation)
    • JINYA Ramen Bar (completely vegan ramen on their menu!)
    • Sinfull Bakery (vegan baked goods!!! From bars to cookies, granola bars, cinnamon rolls, pies, loaves, cupcakes, you name it
    • Revolución Coffee + Juice (cold press juice and coffee bar. They have a great juice menu and store menu that has all of their coffees + açaí/pitaya bowls!) 
    • Sunshine's (health food store & vegetarian deli! Menu rich with burgers, sandwiches, and other hearty plant-based foods)
    • Kraftsmen Baking (a coffee shop and brunch spot. I loved the environment here. They have plant-based milks that you can use in your drink, and I actually spotted some vegan jerky for sale on their shelf!) 
    • Thai Gourmet (some of the best curry I’ve ever had and they have a full vegetarian menu
    • Adair Kitchen (they have a black bean quinioa burger that you can use as protein for any entree. They have a 'Super Veggie Bowl' and a 'Super Food Bowl' on their lunch & dinner menus that look great. They also have an entire juice menu)
    • Snap Kitchen (fresh food delivered to you with vegan options!) 
    • Ginger & Fork (chinese, vegan, & vegetarian restaurant. Their menu has a little flower for every item that is vegan!)
    • Green Vegetarian Cuisine (vegetarian/vegan restaurant (and kosher!) Plus they have some vegan brunch/breakfast options on their menu!) 
    • Season's Harvest Cafe (Farm to table restaurant with lots of plant-based options! Offers one raw vegan menu item that rotates daily.)
    • Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge (Ethiopian food with an entire vegetarian menu)
    • Blue Nile (another Ethiopian restaurant that has an entire vegetarian menu)
    • Kim Son (have heard they have some of the best vegan pho in Houston and also has a delicious seven spice tofu vermicelli bowl)
    • Ahh, Coffee (coffee shop that now offers delicious vegan kolaches and empanadas!)
    • Fadi's (my friend Kate has a major crush on this place. She says they have amazing hummus and homemade falafels!) 
    • Les Ba'get (not very veggie friendly, but I got a really good vermicelli noodle bowl with tofu (make sure to ask for no fish sauce!) their specialty is beef, so that adds another aspect of the restaurant. They don’t have veggie broth, so this is not the place to get pho. Delicious tofu though!) 
    • Black Walnut Cafe (only had a few vegan options but had a delicious hummus black bean burger! Paired great with sweet potato fries & fruit. Apparently their hummus is also great.)
    • Crumbville (bakery that serves some delicious vegan options in the Third Ward)
    • Pondicheri (bakery and restaurant with vegan options breakfast-dinner
    • ENDless Bakery (bakery without dairy, eggs, or nuts! Most items are vegan-friendly)
    • Rani's World Foods (Indian Ethnic grocery store with a vegetarian/vegan restaurant!) 
    • True Foods Kitchen (an amazing restaurant that I've visited in Chicago and Dallas! Great plant-based options and always such a fun environment.)
    • Ripe Cuisine (organic, plant-based food truck in Houston!! Click here for their truck schedule and here for their menu)
    • Falacos Food Truck (food truck in Houston that is 100% vegan & gluten free!! Their whole menu revolves around deep fried falafel balls!! Check their truck schedule here and their menu here)


    Am I missing your favorite plant-based restaurant? Have a city request? Other suggestions or comments? Click here! 

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    A Plant-Based Guide to Breckenridge, CO


    Happy 2018!!!

    Over the new year, I traveled with my fiancé's family to Breckenridge for a family ski trip. I had already prepared myself for the food options, as I figured there were going to be very few restaurants in the area that had plant-based options... but I thought wrong! I was pleasantly surprised when I googled "vegan pizza breckenridge" (obviously) around 8:30 at night and found out that there was a COMPLETELY VEGAN PIZZERIA 0.4 MILES AWAY AND IT WAS OPEN! I immediately freaked out and got my fiancé and his brother to make the freezing trek over. From there we asked the waitress about more vegan options and found out that there were plenty of restaurants, one being 70 steps (yes I counted) from our rental home. The trip would have been so much fun anyway, but having some hearty plant-based food made it even better. I hope this is helpful to any skiers or boarders looking to find plant-based options on and off the mountain. 

    Piante Pizzeria


    THIS is the pizzeria that was a game changer. They had an amazing menu, the best kale caesar salad I've ever had (non-vegan caesar salads included) and AMAZING homemade cashew cheese. They even have cashew parmesan at each table. I got the white pizza with gluten-free crust (which was also delicious and well-made). The white pizza had organic cashew mozzarella, house-made organic cashew ricotta, garlic, shiitake mushroom bacon, arugula, and then I added artichokes. This is the kind of place you can take your non-vegan friends to enjoy some vegan comfort food. 

    Amazing Grace Natural Eatery


    This was the place that was literally across the street from us (I counted 70 steps door-to-door). It's not primarily vegan but a majority of the entrees on their menu can be made vegan. They also regularly have vegan muffins! We only ever had breakfast here, but their breakfast menu was on point. I tried the Breakfast Burrito the first time, made it into a bowl and subbed spicy tofu for the eggs. It also had black beans, spicy sweet potatoes, spinach & salsa. I also tried their blueberry oatmeal, granola + soy milk, and their breakfast tacos (made vegan with spicy tofu). You definitely have to check this place out at least once while you're in Breck. (Plus they have great organic & fair trade coffee!) 

    Clint's Bakery


    This was one of the recommendations that the waitress from Piante recommended. It ended up being so much more than I expected! They regularly had gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies (I say regularly because I got them 3 different times..) and really great coffee. They also have fun lattes like matcha and turmeric, which was great! They have breakfast and lunch but we never were able to try it. OH and they also have ice cream!! They only one vegan sorbet- but honestly I'll count it as a win. 

    LoLo's Juice

    We saw LoLo's from Piante. I went here one day while on a walk with one of my fiancés cousins but forgot to snap a picture. They have tons of juices, smoothie bowls, juice shots, and energy balls. I had a turmeric shot and it was great for a long, tiring day on the mountain. I really wanted to try a smoothie bowl but I had just eaten lunch (and plus it was 25º outside). They have a seasonal menu that also includes sandwiches and wraps. I wish I could have gone here once more to try something else, but was pleased that Breck had a fresh smoothie/juice bar! 

    Inside Breckenridge

     Summit Soba Bowl at the Overlook on Peak 9

    Summit Soba Bowl at the Overlook on Peak 9

    I was 100% not expecting to find anything on the mountain, and was shocked when I actually found a hearty meal! On all of their menus they actually had a "GF" or "V" logo, which made it easier to find something. They usually only had 1 or 2 options, but I was happy to even find anything! Plus plant-based ramen hit the SPOT after a morning on the slopes. 

    Peak 7

    • Pioneer Crossing: Pickled beet salad (no cheese)
    • Sevens: muesli + blueberries for breakfast, black bean veggie burger lunch/dinner

    Peak 8

    • Vista Haus: curried lentil soup, southwest vegan chili, black bean burger (and they have a GF bun!) 
    • Ski Hill Grill: their online menu says they have a 'vegetarian soup of the day' but not sure how much I trust it! I would recommend trying somewhere else just in case.
    • T-Bar: nothing

    Peak 9

    • The Overlook: southwest vegan chili, soba noodle bowl (see picture)
    • Ten-Mile Station: southwest vegan chili, black bean burger, sweet potato tots

    Other restaurants with plant-based options in Breck:

    • Mom's Baking Co (they have almond, coconut, and soy milk for coffee substitutions! May possibly have vegan baked goods)
    • Cuppa Joe (a coffee shop with other food options too! Looks like they have a vegan tofu burrito, smoothie/granola bowls, coffee, and other baked goods on their menu!)
    • Fatty's (I was surprised to find they had a few options. You can make any burger with a black bean burger! They also have gluten-free crust, though you'd just have to do the pizza without the cheese). 
    • Pho Real (was dying to go here but never got to go. I heard they have amazing pho, and from their menu it looks like they have vegan broth, tofu, and mushroom options!) 
    • Bangkok Happy Bowl (plenty of tofu-based options and even a 'Vegan Lover' menu! Their curry looks delicious)
    • Cool River Coffee House (their menu shows plenty of hearty options and even smoothie bowls)
    • Hearthstone (a bit of a fancier restaurant, but they have an entire gluten-free menu and a few really good-looking vegan options!) 
    • Blue Stag (was reluctant to go here but ended up having their superfoods salad and it was delicious! Plus they had grilled portobello mushroom as an option for protein and it was really good! Their sweet potato fries were amazing too)
    • Mi Casa Mexican (entire gluten-free menu available. Delicious-sounding vegetable "verdura" fajitas with zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red pepper, mushroom, and garlic-ancho chile sear. They also have sweet potato tacos!)
    • Soupz On (a bunch of soups.. but they have a few different vegan options! They also have a few vegan salads)

    IMG_2845 2.JPG

    Am I missing your favorite plant-based restaurant? Have a city request? Other suggestions or comments? Click here

    A Plant-Based Guide to Norman, OK

     Evans Hall | The University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK

    Evans Hall | The University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK

          I've lived in Norman since the summer of 2007, after I moved from Tulsa. It is such a fun town (it's said to be "the biggest small town you'll ever find" by many locals). Since the University of Oklahoma is located in Norman, there's a huge population of individuals aged 18-24. Fortunately, plant-based, gluten-free, organic, and health food is heavily driven by this demographic, which increases the need in Norman! While there were very limited choices when I moved here in 2007, the growth of plant-based options in my home town is very exciting to say the least. Other fun parts of Norman include the downtown strip which has many restaurants and neat local shops. 

         For World Vegan Day, I took over the University of Oklahoma's Instagram account and made a special smoothie bowl for my alma mater. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the Boomer Bowl and give it a try! Whether you're a student, an alum, or a Norman visitor, I hope this guide is helpful to locate plant-based meals on Campus Corner and the rest of Norman. 

    Campus Corner

    Coriander Cafe

     Pho with lemongrass tofu

    Pho with lemongrass tofu

    Coriander is hands down my favorite restaurant on Campus Corner (and maybe even Norman!) They are extremely vegan and gluten friendly and even have an easy-to-read allergen menu that can help you choose a plant-based (and in my case, gluten-free) meal. My FAVORITE entree is their pho with lemongrass tofu. All of their pho is made with veggie broth and gluten-free rice noodles, which is uncommon and amazing if you're a vegan pho connoisseur. Other items to note are the lettuce wraps with lemongrass tofu, the tofu noodle bowl, and veggie or tofu spring rolls. Their salt and pepper tofu can be made vegan, but is not gluten-free. If you're on campus corner, you HAVE to give Coriander a try. 

    Crimson & Whipped Cream


    Crimson is a bakery and coffee shop that is very vegan friendly. They have almond and soy milk available to swap for dairy milk to make any drink vegan. They have vegan chocolate chip cookies to DIE for (better than the originals) and usually have another vegan-friendly bakery item. Today they had vegan banana nut bread and vegan brownies! 

    T.E.A. Cafe


    TEA Caf has tons of entrees that can be made vegan upon request. This includes fried rice, stir fry rice noodles, and Singapore rice noodles which can be made with tofu or veggies (be sure to ask for no eggs!) They have a wonderful Three Spice Tofu entree, which is one of my very favorites. Their boba tea is dairy-free (even the "milk" teas are made with dairy-free powders).

    Other restaurants with plant-based options on Campus Corner or campus area:

    • Second wind Coffee (swap out almond, coconut, or soy milk for dairy milk to make any coffee vegan! Payment by donation!) 
    • Pepe Delgados (has an entire portion of their menu labeled as "Vegetariano". Just be sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream)
    • Volare (has vegan pizza!! and great looking salads if you take off the cheese. Also have a veggie panini that can be made gluten-free. Make sure to omit cheese. Any pizza can be made GF by request)
    • Which Wich (vegetarian sandwich bag available with great vegan black bean patty! You can also make it a lettuce wrap to continue the veggie goodness)
    • The Mont (they have a SECRET black bean burrito that is not on the menu. Make sure to ask for no cheese or sour cream)
    • Thai Delight (many veggie rolls, edamame, and tofu-based entrees and appetizers. Very vegan friendly) 
    • Fuzzy's Taco Shop (great veggie tacos! Ask for no cheese or garlic sauce as these both have dairy. They have some of the best salsa and great guac! It's a great game-day grab)
    • Diamond Dawgs (actually has a veggie dog!) 
    • Midway Deli (has a great veggie sandwich. They have gluten-free bread but it has eggs (it's Udi's), but they will make it on your own bread if you bring it!) 
    • Chipotle (try the sofritas! My favorite is a burrito bowl with brown rice, sofritas, black beans, pinto beans, fajita veggies, green salsa, and guac) 
    • Baked Bear (actually has vegan ice cream! Sadly they do not have vegan cookies)
    • Pho Winner (many vegan options and vegan pho)
    • Tatsumaki (vegan ramen and an entire vegan menu)

    Rest of Norman

    (aka not campus corner)

    The Earth Cafe & Deli

     Tempeh tacos with vegan cheese and a side of carrots

    Tempeh tacos with vegan cheese and a side of carrots

     Banana Kale smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein

    Banana Kale smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein

    The Earth is hands down the best place to go if you are plant-based or have dietary restrictions. Their menu is laden with plant-based options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of my favorite entrees include the tempeh tacos and breakfast tacos (ask for vegan cheese), the moonmaiden grilled cheese (with vegan cheese and gluten-free bread), the southwest salad (with vegan cheese), and any of their smoothies made with almond milk! They use only whole foods in their smoothies and have hemp protein and other superfoods (like spirulina) that can be added to boost smoothies. 

    Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

    Scratch has some great options on their menu for plant-based vegans. They have a great quinoa sweet potato veggie burger made from scratch (you probably could have guessed from the restaurant's name). They also have a Quinoa & Veggie entree. 

    Norman Farmer's Market

    The Norman Farmer's Market comes around the 1st Saturday in April and ends its season the last Tuesday / Saturday of October. They have great options to buy local and organic produce. It's definitely something you don't want to miss. 

    Gray Owl Coffee

    Gray Owl has some of the best coffees and tea in town. You can sub almond or soy milk for dairy milk in any drink. They almost always have vegan bakery items. Such a neat environment with great music. You will definitely run into the artsy side of Norman here. 

    Other restaurants with plant-based options not on campus corner:

    • Benvenuti's (are very happy to accomodate a vegan diet! Ask your server for options)
    • McNellies (haven't tried it but heard they have a great black bean plantain burger!) 
    • O Asian Fusion (delish veggie rolls, edamame, and miso soup. My favorite veggie roll is the Heavenly Veggie Roll) See the menu here
    • Sergio's Italian Bistro (vegan pizza!! Also have an entire vegetable plate on their menu)
    • Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine (AMAZING yellow curry. Both vegan and gluten free. The rest of the curries are not vegan)
    • 180 Meridian (great veggie rolls. you can also sub tofu for any entree to make it vegan. be sure to ask for no eggs)
    • Taste of India (Indian restaurant with many options to make vegan!) 
    • Tarahumara's (this was a tricky one! They have one solid vegan option- the veggie fajitas (SO GOOD BTW) with no cheese or sour cream. Avocado sauce is dairy-free)
    • Full Moon Sushi (really good veggie rolls and complimentary edamame)
    • Misal (an Indian restaurant with an entire veggie menu)
    • Thai Thai (can may any dish vegan upon request)
    • Torchy's Tacos (can make vegan tacos upon request and have salads, too! check Norman menu here
    • Zoe's Kitchen (vegan lentil soup, great hummus, vegan veggie kabobs, and many bowls could be made vegan if no cheese or sauce)
    • Chuy's (veggie enchiladas without cheese and vegetarian combo without cheese. Ask for refried beans without lard)


    Am I missing your favorite plant-based restaurant? Have a city request? Other suggestions or comments? Click here

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    A Plant-Based Guide to Oklahoma City

     Oklahoma City Farmer's Market! Also check out the Uptown 23rd Farmer's Market and the Edmond Market nearby! 

    Oklahoma City Farmer's Market! Also check out the Uptown 23rd Farmer's Market and the Edmond Market nearby! 

    Oklahoma City has been rapidly expanding the past few years, as have the plant-based options! More and more restaurants are offering vegetarian or vegan-friendly meals and even full menus. Excitingly, there are a few restaurants that are entirely plant-based, which is truly the best feeling when you know you can order anything off the menu. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is also increasing with the help of local farmer's markets and restaurants putting in an effort to source locally to support Oklahoma farmers. It's an exciting time in Oklahoma to be plant-based, let me tell ya that! We still have a long way to go, but we are off to a great start. 

    P.S. If you are looking for local plant-based support and group meet-ups, get connected to Facebook groups: Red Earth Vegans of Central Oklahoma or Vegan OKC.

    Wheeze the Juice


    Wheeze is at the top of my list because (1) smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juices are my JAM (2) because they have the neatest environment and are stationed in an old shipping container (3) because the staff is for real the best. You can read my article about them in Edible OKC Magazine for more. Here you can find locally-sourced and mostly organic fruits and veggies artfully crafted into unique smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, juice shots, and energy balls. They also have 1 and 3 day juice cleanses which are a must-try! 

    The Loaded Bowl


    The Loaded Bowl started out as a food truck and has evolved into a brick-and-mortar restaurant within the past year. Their motto is 'conscious comfort food' and are a completely plant-based restaurant (and also have many gluten-free options). You can check out an article I wrote about them for Beloved Magazine here. This restaurant is a 100% MUST. They are known for their famous cashew mac and cheese, but also be sure to check out their layered enchiladas and sesame rice bowl. OH and their desserts are to DIE FOR. Be sure to come hungry- a "regular" size alone can last two meals- and the LOADED size can keep you full for dayyyzzzz. 

    Nourished Food Co.


    Nourished is an easy fave for me. They are a completely plant-based, gluten-free food bar in downtown OKC. It's run by a husband and wife who are some of the sweetest people! All of their food is unique, delicious, and refreshing. Their kale salad is one of my staples, although their sandwiches are also unbelievable. Also take note of their kale chips, homemade vegan cheese, homemade gluten-free bread, and the golden milk smoothie. Honestly just take note of the whole menu!!

    The Red Cup


    The Red Cup is a vegan hotspot. It's a great coffee shop and restaurant all in one. They have great coffee and even better vegan burgers. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, but can be made vegan if you ask for it! This place has been around since '95 and is a great gathering place for all. Read Edible OKC's article about The Red Cup here

    Elemental Coffee


    Elemental Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in OKC. They are their own roasterie and brew shop in Midtown. They not only have amazing coffee but they also have delicious baked goodies (they ALWAYS have a vegan and gluten-free options) and their entire menu (weekday breakfast, weekday lunch, and weekend brunch) can ALL be made vegan! 

    Provision Kitchen


    Provision Kitchen is a local farm-to-table restaurant in Nichols Hills, essentially just north of Oklahoma City. They have their own farm just outside of OKC called the 'Provision Farm' which sources a majority of their produce. They even have a neat little sign above their cold and hot bars that tells where each of their ingredients was sourced. It's all seasonal, local, and organic! Their menu is changing constantly and seasonal so you are sure to get something delicious and different every time you come. They also have a refrigerated to-go section where you can grab a single serving to heat up later. It's essentially the healthy version of fast food! If you're in north OKC, you definitely need to check this place out (and then also hit up the Trader Joe's right next door!) 

    Roxy's Ice Cream Social


    Roxy's is a local ice cream shop in the Plaza District. They source all kinds of ice creams and sorbets but ALWAYS have a few choices of vegan ice cream. Two of my classic favorites are German chocolate and cake batter, but when Bananas Foster and Lemon Poppyseed roll around I can hardly control myself. 12/10 would recommend.

    Other honorable mentions:

    • Urban Agrarian; Farmer's Market District (local food market with fresh and delicious produce and other local items)
    • Goro Ramen; Plaza District (have a great vegan ramen, the 'yasai' that can be made gf too)
    • The Wedge Pizzeria; Paseo District (great gf/vegan pizza topped with their homemade vegan cheese. They actually have an entire vegan menu if you ask for it when you are seated!)
    • Stone Sisters Pizza Bar (DELICIOUS vegan pizza. They have an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegan pizza. GF crust is also delicious. Also have vegan chili)
    • Holey Rollers (some of the BEST vegan donuts you will ever find. They are currently just a food truck but are in the process of becoming brick-and-mortar)
    • Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian food. A STAPLE for OKC vegans - tons of vegan choices)
    • Picasso Cafe; Paseo District (tons of vegan options and a neat environment)
    • Okay Yeah Co. (have an amazing smoothie bowl made with macadamia milk. They occasionally have vegan tarts as well, and have almond, coconut, and macadamia milk to sub in coffee!) 
    • Cultivar Mexican Kitchen (not a vegan restaurant but very easy to find vegan options. Great burrito bowls with mushrooms as a protein option and great guac and salsa)
    • VII Asian Bistro (lots of veggie options with phenomenal vegan pho!)
    • Pho Ca Dao; Asian District (vegan-friendly pho, one of the only ones in OKC that will use veggie broth)
    • The Pritchard Wine Bar; Plaza District (tons of veggies and they are open to adapting their entrees to be veggie friendly. Great veggie appetizer. Their homemade pickles and roasted veggies are to die for!) 
    • The Hall's Pizza Kitchen (they can make any of their pizzas vegan - my fave is the Matt with artichokes and caramelized onions and peppers - and they also have gluten-free crust, one of the best I've ever tried!) 
    • The Press OKC; Plaza District (new restaurant in OKC- never tried but heard they have a great veggie burger. They also have a greens & beans bowl for both lunch and dinner and a vegan dumpling soup for dinner!)
    • The Jones Assembly: has a small section of their menu entitled "Vegan". You can have any pizza made vegan with cashew cheese. They also have avocado toast, Boston greens, or Cacio E Pepe with Cashew Cheese. Dairy-free sorbets too! 
    • The Drake; Uptown 23rd (I've never been but have heard they have good roasted veggies and are great about making delicious vegan meals when you ask!)
    • Aurora; Plaza District (such a neat breakfast bar with great coffee, delish overnight oats, bruleed grapefruit, a lentil hummus bowl, veggie burger, and avo toast!!) 
    • Guyutes; Uptown 23rd (never been but had a friend tell me they have a great vegan entree- "The Lot V", but after looking at their online menu they have gluten free pizzas and tortillas and falafel as a protein option on all of their items, Their salads look delish!) 
    • Green Goodies; Classen Curve (vegan cupcakes and other sweets! gf options available but are not vegan)
    • Packard's New American Kitchen; Automobile Alley (many options that can be made vegan, but by far the best vegan dish is the lentil curry at dinner and the vegan tofu scramble at brunch!) MENU
    • Revolución Taqueria & Cantina (two great vegan tacos on the menu: the 'Cauliflower al Pastor' with cauliflower, pineapple, radish, cilantro and onion, and the 'Vegetales' with cumin roasted carrots, toasted almonds, cilantro, and onion. Other vegan options upon request). 
    • Gopuram Taste of India (great Indian food with an entire 'vegetarian' portion of the menu)
    • The Mule (salads and many other sandwiches can be made vegan upon request. The best vegan-friendly sandwich is the 'Herbivore' with cashew cheese, roasted beets, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, pesto, avocado, grilled jalapeños, grilled onions, and chipotle aioli. Make sure to tell them you want it vegan. Gluten-free bread available upon request)
    • The Melting Pot: as of January 2018 they are serving vegan cheese and chocolate fondue!! They also have other vegan menu items on the menu- like ginger teriyaki tofu!! 

    THERE ARE MORE! I just haven't been there and experienced it for myself yet :) I will continue to change, add, and update this list as I explore. For more, click to access the Vegan OKC Dining Guide- prepared and shared by OKC vegans hoping to spread the word of growing plant-based options in OKC!

    Am I missing your favorite plant-based restaurant? Have a city request? Other suggestions or comments? Click here

    Last updated 01/11/2018

    A Plant-Based Guide to Seattle


         One of my favorite things about visiting a new city is finding all of the hidden plant-based gems. I always get excited when traveling to the west coast because I know that I'm in for tons of vegan options. Before I left, someone suggested I join the 'Vegan Seattle' Facebook group to get some ideas. The week before I left, I posted to ask if anyone had some recommendations for a first-time vegan visitor and within an hour I had almost THIRTY (yes, 3-0) vegan restaurant recommendations. I did my best to visit the top recommendations, but barely made a dent. I was in Seattle for 6 days but was at a full-day conference for 4 of them, so unfortunately those days I only got the night/dinner out. Below you'll find a few favorites that I visited and a recommendation list of restaurants as recommended by locals and individuals from the Vegan Seattle page. I hope you enjoy! 

    Pike Place Market


    I'll start with the obvious. Pike Place Public Market is one of the best places to get fresh fruits and veggies! There are many different fruit and vegetable stands that offer local produce for great prices. I would recommend going here one of the first days you are in Seattle to stock up on fruits and veggies for the rest of your stay. You can also find places that have great dried fruit and nuts that are so delicious! The Public Market is open on Monday-Saturday from 9-6 and on Sundays from 9-5. Don't forget your reusable bag! 

    Juice Emporium

    FullSizeRender 20.jpg

    The Juice Emporium is inside Pike Place market so it makes a great follow-up recommendation. They only use whole fruits, veggies, and freshly squeezed juice for all of their smoothies. There are no artificial ingredients, sugar, or other additives which makes it a great option for a snack to sip on while visiting the market. Everything here will naturally be vegan and gluten-free. 

    Wayward Vegan Cafe


    I got this recommendation in the Vegan Seattle facebook page. Wayward is a great vegan cafe for comfort and health foods. They have entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus (as well as a full page of gluten-free options!) Click here to view their entire menu.

    I sat up at the bar and had great conversation with the servers and had tons of great recommendations. I ended up getting the Lost Souls Scramble which is seasoned tofu scramble with green peppers, onions, broccoli,
    and carrots served with garlic steamed greens and toast (and I added avocado and their "chicken" breast). This is a great option for a filling plant-based meal in Seattle and will please any vegan or non-vegan, making it a great option for any group of travelers. 

    Plum Bistro


    Another recommendation I received from the vegan Seattle page. I ended up accidentally coming at happy hour, but still got a delicious meal. Plum Bistro is an organic vegan restaurant on the corner of 12th and Pike Street- not too far of a walk from Capitol Hill Station. I got the 'Mac and Yease' which was the weirdest but most delicious Mac and Cheese I have ever had! I tried to get the waiter to tell me what was in it but he said it was a secret. I also got a side of soy chorizo which was delicious, but the waiter looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered a side of it. He deemed my meal "The Oklahoman" which was hilarious, but also sometimes you just want a little taste of some random foods, right?

    Here are their menus:

    Brunch; Lunch; Happy HourDinner



    A few friends and I decided to give this place a try when we were in downtown Seattle. Sweetgrass is a whole food, primarily plant-based restaurant that offers big salads, grain bowls, and smoothies/smoothie bowls. This was arguably one of my favorite places we went because the food was just so fresh and it left me feeling perfectly satisfied. I had the buddha bowl which is the picture on the right (coconut brown rice, sprouted soaked quinoa, kale, brussels sprouts, shaved red cabbage, shredded carrots, avocado, lentils, mira bar crumble, tamarind-lime vinaigrette).

    Their menu has tons of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as hot and cold drinks. I didn't get to try their golden milk latte, but I can only imagine how yummy it would be!! I ended up going back for dinner one day to get the acai bowl to-go and ate it on the rail back to Seatac (where my Airbnb was) and it was delish. 10/10 would recommend. 

    Frankie & Jo's Ice Cream

    This place is a MUST-GO. The best ice cream I've ever had.. and everything is vegan and gluten free. I got the 'Gingered Golden Milk' topped with 'Salty Caramel Ash' which had activated charcoal! You can look at their unique list of flavors here

    Seriously just their entire little store I was obsessed with. Check out their website to be completely blown away as well. They are located near Seattle University which gives it a neat campus feel around the area. Don't miss out on this gem!!


    Other noteworthy restaurants I didn't get to try:

    • No Bones Beach Club (Seattle Tiki Bar with the best vegan eats and fresh made cocktails.)
    • Heartbeet (organic superfood cafe with smoothies, juices, elixirs, kombucha, and dairy- and gluten-free food and dessert)
    • Chaco Canyon Cafe (delicious vegan restaurant)
    • Araya's Place (delicious vegan thai food and bar- there's two locations so look out for both)
    • Annapurna (Indian foods with many vegan options!) 
    • Pizza Pi (completely vegan pizza restaurant- and actually the first in America!) 
    • Sizzle Pie (offers an entire menu of completely vegan pizzas)
    • Mighty-O Donuts (organic and vegan donut shop!)
    • 701 Coffee (coffee shop that is vegan and gluten-free friendly!)
    • Blossom Vegetarian (authentic Vietnamese food- in Renton, WA)
    • Honor Society (great coffee shop with tea and other food items such as chia bowls, toasts, and bowls & salads. See menu here)
    • Cinnamon Workers (Bake shop with classic, cinnamon-centric, vegan & gluten-free pastries plus coffee drinks)
    • El Borracho (vegan mexican options, a salsa bar, and homemade vegan nacho sauce!) 
    • Pike Place Chowder (has one vegan/gf chowder- see here)
    • Pike Place Nuts (tons of different types of raw and roasted nuts with unique flavors)
    • Bottega Italiana (vegan sorbettos and gelato)
    • Rachel's Ginger Beer (great ginger beer with unusual flavors)
    • Alibi Room (has vegan pizza and gluten free crust)
    • The Crumpet Shop (vegan tea and crumpets! Here's an article about this place)
    • Honest Biscuits (vegan biscuit option with a vegan lentil-based gravy)
    • Shy Giant (a few flavors of fresh soft serve vegan frozen yogurt and ice cream)
    • Bang Bang Cafe (tons of vegan options like burritos, mac and cheese, and sandwiches. They have soy chorizo and vegan chile!)
    • Jasmine ( a few vegetarian options)
    • Cafe Wyld (in Everett- but they have local, vegan and organic food straight from the earth and also offer a variety of holistic healing sessions in their Cafe)
    • The Cookie Counter (vegan owned and operated ice cream shop with gluten free cones- menu)
    • Cycle Dogs (100% vegan street fare and elaborate hot dogs)
    • Next Level Burger (100% Plant Based Burger Joint with tons of options!)
    • Chuminh Tofu and Vegan Deli (plant-based Vietnamese food!)
    • In the Bowl (vegan Thai - I've heard it's the best!!)

     Downtown Seattle from the top floor of the Space Needle! 

    Downtown Seattle from the top floor of the Space Needle! 

    Am I missing your favorite plant-based restaurant? Have a city request? Other suggestions or comments? Click here